Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hi guys, new toon coming soon



Anonymous said...

If you can't support keeping up the page, then give it up. Your real life is more important and the story is now so fragmented it doesn't exist. We'll see it in borders whenever you get a book deal. Thanks much for what you have done. I for one am outta here.

BTW grow up and lose some of the mason references, you sound like a newbie.

Ted Bastien said...

I just do this for fun Dan. Unfortuately I haven't had much spare time lately.
You're free to do what you wish.



Anonymous said...

Wow! I for one, really enjoy the Masonic references, probably because I am a Mason, and I patiently wait for the next panel. I also hope that you may get a book deal one day. I would love to have a copy of Bugsport on my bookshelf. I don't think some people know what a hobby is, and I am just glad that your hobby can be enjoyed by others. I have a feeling that even though Dan is "outta here" that he will be checking back. The artwork is great, the humor is good and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

glad this is your hobby,hope your dad is okey,also, keep going .bugsport is great,get a book out,ied buy it. jim.

Adam said...

It's too bad that Dan couldn't wait a time with patience. Cowans and eavesdroppers just can't understand the Craft, and that the best is yet to come. Keep up the great work, Ted!

Anonymous said...

You know “When I sat in the East we would have never put up with that!!!”

We knew that when a new strip came out we were to “Be Happy” and spread that Happiness and when we are summoned from this sublunary abode we would unite in the grand design of friendship and fraternal cartoons

… Grumble Grumble

When I fell from the womb I remember the doctor giving me a good three Masonic taps and it was at that point when the light of masonry came to me form the operating light in the East and my lungs filled with the blessing from the Great……

Oh God there he goes

Anonymous said...

Personally I love Bugsport and will be satisfied to wait for each toon as it comes along. I don't mind the Masonic references and am always surprised and amused by each toon.
Would love to see a book eventually, but for now I will keep checking back. Sorry about the lose of your friend and web person. Prayers going out for Taras. And actually I said one for you and your family also. I have had to quit my job and move in with my Dad as his health is failing, so I can understand the lack of spare time.
Love your work Ted, keep it up as you can. :D