Thursday, April 09, 2009

Just had to do this because Major Ed Dames is on 'Coast tonight


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone- this cartoon is so real...I'm really good at remote viewing car keys and cell phones.

Jeff said...

Remote Viewers and Poltergiests are closely related.

We could have used a "remote viewer" in my grandmother's house one evening.
I was visiting one day.. and tried to find the remote to change the channel, they said they had lost it about 5 months ago.

later that evening... while I was sitting in a rocking recliner, the tv volume kept muting and then coming back.. after this happened about 10 times, I asked what was wrong with their tv, I was told it has been going on since they lost the remote. I thought for a bit, and then looked under the rocking recliner. And there was the remote.

Every time someone rocked forward, it hit the mute button.. and they never figured it out.