Sunday, July 15, 2007

I've been a bit slack on the Bugsport front, but it's been busy here in other ways. I'm in the middle of a big basement project. I've had it lowered and cemented, now we're in the process of framing up the rooms.



Christopher Hodapp said...

You dug out and lowered your basement and cemented the new floor?

Wait. I remember this.

It was an old episode of My Mother The Car. Jerry Van Dyke does this to his garage, the neighbors hear him talking to the car, and think he buried Mum 'neath the new concrete.

John T. Lytle said...

Shh, You're not suppose to tell!

Anonymous said...


You used cement? What degree work is that?

Jeff said...

Ted! Ted!.. Ted are you in here?!

I am telling you, I have looked everywhere... I can't find Ted at all. I think we should dig up the new cement floor.