Thursday, January 04, 2007

I was just interviewed by a fella' from the Bangor Daily News about "Bugsport"
I hope the article makes it into the paper.
He asked for a pic, this is what I sent.


Anonymous said...

Ted, I just did a search through the bangor daily news site, and found that they did use the article.

I have enjoyed Bugsport for more than a year now. Glad you made the news.

Mark Russell said...

Ted, I really enjoy the comic, found it through one of those comic ranking pages some time ago.

If you're taking suggestions, I'd like to see a blog post where you outline your comic-creation process.

Anonymous said...

When is the next Bugsport going to be up? You now have a lot of Maine fans who need an update.

Anonymous said...

Brother Ted,

Love the strip.

An Indiana MM

Anonymous said...

I live in Bucksport... Your strip is hilarious. There are so many subtle (and not so subtle) relations to the town. Keep up the good work. Great article in the paper, by the way.